Volunteering organisation Frontier visits Regent

At the invitation of our Head Teacher, Mr Hurl, we had a visit, during our assembly, from Ms Helen Jennings, who is one of the Volunteer Advisers for “Frontier”.

This is an international non-profit volunteering NGO running over 350 dedicated conservation, community development and adventure projects in more than 60 countries worldwide. Frontier has over 25 years’ experience in sending volunteers abroad to engage in work of genuine value that will help build a sustainable future for many people in the world, while enhancing their own experience and learning in a supportive environment.

Helen described her own experiences as a Volunteer in various places, such as Antarctica and Fiji. She stressed the importance of planning, taking care over safety issues and arranging insurance. She also put forward ideas on sponsorship and other ways of raising money for the trips.

At the end of a most enjoyable and informative talk, staff and students were invited to ask questions and to speak to Helen individually if they so wished.

volunteer-org-frontier-02 volunteer-org-frontier-02

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