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16 DECEMBER 2011

Young Enterprise Meeting

On 16th December 2011 the Young Enterprise team at Regent Independent College welcomed a visitor from the organising company to their last Board Meeting of the Autumn term. The visitor was Gosbert Chagula and he is responsible for the operation of the project in Harrow, Brent and Ealing. He received a warm welcome and was able to share a great deal of information and insight about the programme with the team. The main topic of the lively meeting was a discussion about which products Regent should select for sale. The arguments were passionate and it was decided to delay the final selection until the first Board Meeting of 2012, where a vote by team members would decide the outcome. Gosbert was very encouraging about the team’s progress to date but stressed the importance of getting the product selection right. Once the products have been agreed the Young Enterprise team will swing into full selling mode, which will have a great bearing on their success in this new and exciting programme.